• Receive and Respond to Text Messages

    Text right from your computer or other Moaxis enabled device

    Moaxis allows you to get your text messages on your computer, tablet, TV, and gaming console. In addition, you can instantly respond back to messages using your full size keyboard. Say goodbye to eye strain and thumb cramps forever when you text from PC hardware instead.  Our desktop SMS makes keeping up simple and easy!

  • Alerts & Notifications

    Stay up to date on all your important activities

    Moaxis extends your phone’s alerting and notification capabilities to your Moaxis enabled devices. Regardless of where your phone is, you can experience the convenience of getting important alerts and notifications immediately.

    Whether your monitoring the changing weather conditions, waiting for your favorite game to notify you, or just waiting for your friend to tweet you back, Moaxis will keep you updated and informed on your computer, tablet, TV and gaming console.  And, since Moaxis lets you send text message from computer and other devices, you can even respond with ease.

  • Instant Call Notification

    Never miss a call again

    Put Moaxis to use and you’ll not only be able to text message from computer systems, you’ll also be able to see who’s calling.  When your phone rings you can see who’s calling right from your computer, tablet, TV and gaming console and answer or send the call directly to voice mail. With Moaxis you can keep your phone on silent, in your pocket, on the nightstand and never miss a call again.  And, thanks to the SMS from computer features you can even respond via text without having to answer the call or get up from what you were doing.

    Moaxis Call Notification
  • Hands Free Calling

    It's like OnStar for everything else

    With Moaxis not only can you see who’s calling but for compatible blue tooth devices you can answer and place calls without having to use your mobile phone.

    Best of all, your contacts are synchronized across all your Moaxis enabled devices allowing you to make phone calls by name.

  • Easy Filters

    Only receive what's important to you

    In today’s world of high connectivity, there is no shortage of phone alerts and notifications coming your way. While all the alerts and notifications will still be shown on your phone, Moaxis provides an easy way to block alerts and notifications to ensure only the ones you want will be sent to your Moaxis enabled devices.  That way you can stay up with what matters while saving the rest for later.

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